周一至周五 :8:30-22:00
周六至周日 :9:00-22:00

A pioneer in the history of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz has kept its innovative spirit for over a century.  Continuously striving to accomplish the never before, this spirit is reflected upon their broad range of quality products and all series models. The 10th generation of the Mercedes-Benz EClass Long Wheelbase is a true masterpiece of technology. A model exclusively made for the Chinese market; it sets a new benchmark with its intelligent drive, enhanced systems for connectivity, safety and comfort as well as its trend setting interior design and efficient new engine technologies.


On August 22, 2016, the national launch event of the All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase at the Beijing University of Science and Technology Gymnasium went above and beyond the expression of innovation. In an evening of artificial intelligence and a main show of stereoscopic 3D projections, 1,500 guests walked between the real and virtual world, where they witnessed the spectacular debut of the All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase.


The experience began weeks before the event day. Starting from an invitation designed after China’s Qing Dynasty’s “Sea Cliff Jiang Wen”, all invitees received an invitation to register and input their information in an interactive digital platform. Thus, once attendees arrived on the event day, all they had to do was register with our robot receptionists and receive their own RFID wristbands. This made it possible for the event to customize itself to every person’s style and preferences, personalizing the consumer experience.



Our guests had a glimpse of the future; a world of artificial intelligence and open information with futuristic décor and the latest technological innovations. Every display and interactivity reflected upon key features of the All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase:


E路同行  漫步璀璨历史

History of Innovations

A modern exhibition blending ancient Chinese wisdom with the history of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Guests walked through time, discovering how every generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class broke through convention and was involved with some of the greatest technological achievements of their time.


巅峰创E 创造就在当下

Creation of Enlightenment

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA: The IAA concept car is a foretaste of the future. It combines world-beating aerodynamics with an irresistible design.


Innovation Corner: The Innovation Corner displayed the latest, cutting edge technologies that compliment the All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase; focusing on connectivity, smart wearable technology, and an intelligent lifestyle.





Creative Car Display and Burmester Sound Experience: After scanning their RFID wristbands, the screen automatically changed the tone of the 3D model to the color selected during registration, granting guests the opportunity to see the All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase in their color of choice. On the other hand, the Burmester sound experience delivered a 3D surround audio, customizing its songs with every person.


64 Ambient Light Installation: With 64 ambient light settings to choose from, guests had the chance to embark on a journey to experience the interiors of the All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbasein a dark room setting.


焕然E新  未来无可阻挡

Eyes on the Future

Information Stream: An interactive and easy way to share information with guests. By scanning a QR code and touching the images that flow down the light stream, guests transferred these directly into their smartphones.


Robot Host, Bartender, Photographer and Interactive Bar: By quickly scanning their RFID wristbands, our robot host warmly greeted our guests. Our robotic bar on the other hand, prepared customized cocktails for our guests, while the interactive bar customized ambiences for an augmented interactive experience. We also had a robot photographer going around, intelligently dodging guests and obstacles while taking fast and fun pictures.



Once the countdown to the main show reached its end, our guests moved into the main show area. However, what they found was everything but a conventional stage room. Immersed in a 360-degree projection environment, the main stage was also out of the ordinary with its receptive movement technology and dimensions. The 3D effects presented rare production features and functions, astounding all viewers and making it a spectacle worth remembering. Impressive audiovisuals, performances, speeches by Mercedes-Benz China’s executive team and the grand reveal of the All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase all expressed the efforts and technology put into the new model as well as the brand’s ever growing commitment to the Chinese market.


The opportunity to finally test-drive the 10th generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase allowed for the translation of everything seen and felt to culminate into experiencing the actual product in action. The launch of the All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase was one of our most challenging, exciting projects yet, and is a true representation of what Mercedes-Benz stands for, “the best or nothing”.

此外,来宾还有试驾第十代长轴距E级车的机会,亲身体验之前所有的所见所感,真正了解E级车的非凡驾驶感受。本次的全新梅赛德斯-奔驰长轴距E级车的发布活动是我们迄今为止最具挑战的项目之一,不过也真正体现出了梅赛德斯-奔驰所秉持的“心所向,持以恒” 的品牌主张。

The national launch will be followed by four regional launches across China between the last week of August and second week of September. Stay tuned and don’t miss our next show!